System Deals - Our most Popular PA Packages

Live music events have specific PA hire requirements.  Introducing fully engineered PA packages that combine excellent engineers and a comprehensive package of high quality audio equipment.  Unbeatable value is assured, which is why these are the most popular products on our website.  Available both in and out of London.

All these systems include:

  • A PA system
  • A mixing desk with outboard compressors etc.
  • A range of industry leading microphones
  • Monitors for the performers
  • An expert sound engineer

System Deals - The Complete Service

  • Expert guidance: Choose from packages that are carefully designed to work for different types of event, then make an enquiry to go over the details with an expert.
  • Great value: An experienced engineer will cost £200 or more, and hiring equipment also costs £000s.  We combine the two and save you money.
  • Going that bit further: We have provided guitarists with strings, lent keyboard stands/music stands, tools etc.  We come prepared to make sure the show goes on.

NO VAT IS PAYABLE (our competitors often add vAT)

Complete Music and Sound Terms and Conditions for Fully Engineered Events

*Fully engineered pa packages are priced assuming availability of the company owner, Adrian Barker.  There is a minimum fee set at £300.00 on weekend events which reflects the going rate of a good sound engineer.  If Adrian is not available we will attempt to assign another engineer with the cost of the engineer added to the quotation you are given.


Please call for delivery prices.  Typically starting from £50, (£75 Central London).   Always ensure parking is available at your event.

"Frequently thinking one step ahead, getting us out of a massive hole when an artist forgot their drum kit and also thinking about the needs of our young audience" S. Shoesmith
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