Bespoke Sound System – Providing a system deal for unique events

If the packages you have seen don’t fit the bill.  Please contact us for a bespoke sound system.

There are a wide range of special events that we have worked with that require special consideration.  We can also hire additional stock from partners to supply larger capacity events.

Examples of Bespoke Systems

Example 1: Orchestral performance to around 1000 (seated and standing) people in a car park.  Due to the height of he ceiling a line array was not an option.  We provided a distributed sound system with time aligned speakers to ensure there was a cohesive sound, subwoofers generated the cinematic sound required, and a range of fit for purpose microphones were used to ensure the orchestra sounded natural through the PA set up.

Example 2:  A live event for over 2000 people with an international band.  We have a quick quote system for getting hold of line array for larger events.  Our preferred equipment is VTX A8 speakers by  JBL which are the cleanest sounding system we have heard.  Click Here for more information.

Example 3: MC Battle in very large sports hall. This event was in an acoustically challenging space, but by using more speakers at relatively lower volumes we were able to minimise reflections off the back wall and ensure lyrics could be heard clearly.

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