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JBL Control 23 installation
Dbx ZC1 Controller Image
Amp Rack Installation Image
JBL Control 23 Speaker ceiling mounted

Improve an Existing Sound System

Some venues have existing sound systems which no longer meet their requirements. Depending on budget we can approach this in different ways. For some venues we have simply done a re-wire, configuration and training of users to optimise existing equipment.  A full audio installation will only be recommended if necessary.

It may be necessary to upgrade systems with:

  • Audio processor to control and optimise the system
  • Improved amplification
  • Replacing inappropriate or damaged speakers

At this point we can add extra features such as input source selectors, and zoned speakers so different areas of the venue are appropriately controlled. Where possible we will avoid throwing out existing equipment.

The pictures above show a 2020 installation at Evolution LDN, a spinning studio near Kew

Audio Installation - Howl at the Moon

At Howl at the Moon, a pub in Hoxton we were asked to urgently upgrade the sound system, following damage to their speakers.  Within a few days we installed:

  • 4 x Martin Audio X8 Speakers
  • an EV 12″ Subwoofer
  • A Dbx Zonepro to simply switch between source and adjust the volume and optimise the system sound
Howl at the Moon Hoxton at night

Complete Audio Installs

If you need a complete installation we will complete the site visit free of charge, where we discuss what options you want to include and recommend the speaker positions and mounting methods.  Here you may have different requirements in different rooms, but it is usually more cost effective if everything is controlled centrally.  You may wish to integrate video screens and cameras, have BYOD (bring your own device points) for laptops, telephone lines, mics for conferences, wireless equipment, and there maybe aspects that you want centrally available such as background music or output to online platforms such as Zoom.

There are some projects that are complex and require significant amounts of planning and a long list of equipment installed.  Here you may have a wide range of sources and outputs including digital, online, audio and video.  You may require complex and customizeable control systems that can be branded.  Redundancy is built in to ensure your services stay online in the event of power loss, fire or equipment failure, and compliance to multiple regulations or standards.  

In all cases we will suggest the optimal system but have the option to make a compromise towards a budget. 

Case Study - Evolution London

At Evolution London, a spinning studio, we were asked to install a sound system that could achieve maximum volume whilst not disturbing their neighbours.  We installed:

  • 20 Control 23-1 Speakers
  • 2 Control 50 Subwoofers
  • A system processor
  • All speakers were suspended from an acoustic hanger, a specified distance from the ceiling
  • LSZH cable used throughout for fire compliance
Evolution LDN

Repairs or maintenance

If you are responsible for a sound system we can come out to you and often make on-the-spot repairs.  All call outs are followed up with an email or written report to explain what issues were found and what action has been taken or is recommended.  Emergency call outs are sometimes available, and we can even talk you through a problem over the ‘phone in some cases.  The emergency repairs we provided to some pubs allowed them to show sports at critical times.

Case Study - Living World Ministries

Living World Ministries asked us to look at the sound system in the church because the sound was very bad.  We did the following test and set ups and provided training.

  • Speakers system tested and each driver found to be working
  • Complete re-wire of the PA system ensuring that the crossover, equaliser, speakers and amplification are used as designed
  • Configuration of EQ, amps and crossover
  • Label put on cables – tidied cables
  • Cables tested
  • Microphones configured on Channel 38 – You need to ensure you update your licences which can be done via Ofcom 
Living Word Ministries Europe

Special Audio Requirements

Webcasting / Streaming: Are you using one of the following platforms?

Web streaming and we casting services Skype, Twitch, Facebook Live, Youtube Streaming, Zoom, Got To Meeting

If so, ensure you interact with people in high quality audio and video by having appropriate equipment installed at your premises.  We have been working this April with to allow their business to continue online during lockdown restrictions.

Noise Abatement

Sometimes there will be the need to comply with noise abatement orders.  CMS has experience of successfully working alongside acousticians and environmental health officers to ensure the best possible outcome for your business, whilst meeting any requirements to prevent disruption to neighbours.  These measures can include: Sophisticated control systems to manipulate and limit the sound; expert installation of carefully chosen speakers; or using speaker mounting and insulation systems that are specifically designed to control noise transmission.

Adrian Barker is a member of PLASA.


Please email to request an installation assignment questionnaire.  This will help us establish the scale of the job, and will also help you with your planning by breaking down your requirements into easily understood sections and will even help you understand expected costs.

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