Recommended Suppliers*

If you are putting on an event you may need additional professionals and services.

When you have worked for 12 years in an industry you become well aware of suppliers that have high standards and provide great value to their customers.

Audio Professionals

Aulos Acousitcs: James is a highly qualified and diligent acoustician.  He provides amongst the most detailed documentation you can get and pays great attention to detail.  This is very important when you have to make a legal case to a complainant, local council etc.  If the documentation is accurate and detailed you will be able to draw a line under the issues and move on more easily.  I have seen him provide incredibly effective recommendations to construction projects that ensured great acoustic results.

Eduardo Puhl: Monitor Engineer, Mix Engineer, Front of House and Film/TV recordist.  He has done a great job mixing tracks for me in the past and has 10 years on monitors at London’s legendary Club Koko (a challenging venue) where he has been asked to do follow up work for many bands that have been through there.  His front of house sound is also excellent and I would trust his judgement and professionalism on any audio job.

Three Spires Audio: Chris is an acoustician with a background of having previously worked in as an Environmental Health Officer.  Therefore, he has a deep understanding of council/legal processes.  Also a great choice for festival sites, having worked on many large UK festivals. 

Event Suppliers

Halo Lighting: These are my go-to supplier for all things lighting.  They have always been reliable and accommodating.  They provide excellent equipment and the expertise they have is second to none.

FX Rentals: I frequently use FX rentals for CDJ and backline when more specific equipment is needed.  Their prices are fantastic and their 24/7, 365 opening hours are very convenient when you are coming back from another event.

Matt Snowball Music: I have used MSM for backline, wireless mics, and they are also one of London’s most reputable Splitter/Tour van suppliers.  Small shop with spares is also very useful for last minute requirements.  Great choice of backline, keyboards, drum kits etc. 

Rubix Group: Drum recording and supplier of audio equipment and everything to do with drum kits.  Excellent drum kits for hire


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*Whilst we have had great experiences with the above suppliers, Complete Music and Sound in no way warrants the quality of any other companies or freelancers.

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