Sound Engineering

A live sound engineer can make the difference between an event that is a nightmare for everyone and the most engaging live music experience in your memory. 

A good sound engineer will have the following credentials as a minimum:

  • Up-to-date knowledge of equipment/techniques
  • Experience working in the genres of music that you require
  • Experience coping with a wide range of venues
  • Excellent professional standards (including awareness of safety, etc.)
  • Ask the right questions of other stakeholders (e.g. musicians) to be able to come to make the best setup/mixing decisions
  • Ability to troubleshoot in a swift but calm manner
  • Good references and/or reviews

Soundcraft, Allen and Heath, Midas, Behringer, Presonus, Yamaha and Digico are all mixer brands which can be used for your event.  We will revise any equipment that has not been used recently before your event.

Whether it be a bluegrass band, Irish folk, New Orleans brass, classical orchestra, electronic artists, reggae, South Asian ensemble, Koto soloist, Iraqi Fusion, rock band with strings, urban music, gospel, choirs of all sizes, we could go on.  Even without a sound check many artists are astonished at the on-stage sound.

Festival stages, garden parties, 5 star hotels, offices, sports halls, synagogues, churches, dive bars, car parks, restaurants, seated events standing events, L-shaped, circular, long and thin, wide and steep.  All these spaces create different challenges, and how the system is set up and how music is mixed will ensure the best outcome.  Needless to say all of the above have been encountered numerous times and successfully engineered.

“Highly recommended – CMS provides a very professional service with pristine sound every time we’ve worked with them. Fast setup, great attention to detail and a can-do attitude.” Ed Cox

“Every single band that has ever played always comment on how great they sound and always want to come back. This is completely down to how competent Adrian is as a sound engineer. He’s polite, professional, and punctual. An absolute pleasure to work with.” Phil Birch, Broadstock

Sound Engineer Image

“There is no point in treating all music the same.  I will make sure that melodic lines and instrumentals stand out, and the overall sound is full and satisfying to the audience.” Adrian Barker

What to Expect

If we are engineering your event we will ask you about the equipment being provided and the requirements of the musicians/presenters.  Often we can augment what the venue has at no extra cost, for instance providing a specialist microphone.  Sometimes these mics can be game changers.  We will plan the sound checks and engage in the necessary communication with artists to take the worry away from organisers.

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Previous artists

  • My Cool King Choir 
  • Multi Story Orchestra 
  • Anna Calvi
  • Dels 
  • Karen Gibson 
  • Martin Harley 
  • The Ukranians 
  • Pogue Traders 
  • Rae Morris 


DBS checked for working with children or vulnerable adults.  Adrian Barker has many years teaching experience so is also excellent at drawing out the best performances from less experienced performers.

£10 million public liability insurance

Method statements and risk assessments available.

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