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Complete Music and Sound is ready for your events after the 21st June.  Look first at our system deals or go to Contact Us and have a chat. 

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PA Hire and Event Production, Serving London

Refined in Sound

Take the worry out of organising sound for your event. Assistance with Covid planning/ streaming.  Deal with one expert and be assured of success as we provide everything (speakers, mics, engineer, monitors) in one package.

Microphones, mixing consoles, speakers, monitors, DJ equipment, backline, drum kits for dry hire.  All carefully chosen by us to ensure you have great rental equipment for your events in London.

Repairs/maintenance, freelance sound engineers, schools/education services, audio installation, training, location recording.

Huge Savings. Quality Guaranteed

Based in north London, CMS are dedicated to providing high quality, cost effective PA hire and sound services in and around London. You will find we are professional, reliable and friendly sound engineers who will strive to ensure that your event is a complete success.

About Complete Music and Sound, North London

Complete Music and Sound are at the forefront of the events industry.  We hire out fantastic audio and lighting equipment, we offer sound engineering services, but also we are a business with a personality and a purpose.  We are motivated by a conscientious outlook, by joyful expressions at a gig and by communities coming together.  This is what makes us a unique player in the London sound hire sector and here are six reasons to choose us.

  1. Equipment choices: Most companies in the rental industry quite sensibly choose products that will offer the best return on investment.  The approach of Complete Music and Sound is slightly different because our priority is always on the best customer/performer/listener experience.  We stock equipment that makes the experience of musicians, event organisers and event attendees tangibly better.
  2. VALUE: Prices are checked regularly against other suppliers – we are always great value.  Daily hire rates given are not excluding VAT, so we are also transparent.  Longer hires are at substantial discounts.  Charities get substantial discounts.
  3. Environment: Complete Music and Sound make every effort to minimise the impact on the environment.  Any travel that can be completed by bicycle or public transport will be.  Our Euro 6d Temp van is amongst the least polluting diesels available.  Sound Engineers are encouraged to bring their own cutlery, re-useable water bottles/cups to longer events, reducing reliance on disposable plastics.  We have an ethics and environment policy that is reviewed annually.
  4. Professionalism: Expect us to turn up on time with the equipment you have ordered for hire.  We will dress according to a dress code where possible, we are polite and eager to please and we plan ahead and ask the right questions, which helps avoid problems.  We often have spares and tools that can make or break an event such as providing a keyboard stand, batteries or drum matt.  WE AIM TO TAKE THE WORRY AWAY FROM YOU when you have enough on your plate.
  5. Experience: We have sound engineered in almost every style imaginable with great results every time.  Whether it be a bluegrass band, Irish folk, New Orleans brass, classical orchestra, electronic artist, reggae, South Asian ensemble, Koto soloist, rock band with strings, urban music, gospel, choirs of all sizes, presentations/talks, we could go on.  Likewise, we have worked in a huge array of venues, and can quickly decide on the best system set up for each unique space.   We have customers in many different fields including fitness, places of worship, celebrations, charities, places of learning, local organisations, workplaces, TV, film and theatre so we are probably best placed to meet your needs too.
  6. Work ethic: When the artists are in the zone, when the organisers and staff look relaxed, when the audience is clearly captivated by what is on stage… we have done our job.  Until that time we are part of your team with focus, energy, and a can-do attitude. 

Lastly, whilst we have a range of services on offer, music is at the heart of what we do.  To us, music is the medicine of the mind… the endorphins, and the adrenaline.  We help create memories that can be sanctuary in times of difficulty and a story to tell.  This love for our vocation is why we are Refined in Sound.

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Sound engineers that have up-to-date Criminal Records Disclosure are provided for events at schools or with vulnerable people.

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Equipment hire is with only the best brands in the industry , including but not limited to those listed above.  Everything is chosen for quality for a great hire experience. 


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