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System 4 : 24 Channels with mics, sound engineer, 5 monitors, PA for 600 people*


Powerful small line array, with digital desk, 5 monitors, and sound engineer for a full day. Audience Capacity up to 600

Front of House 10kw

A small line array can throw to approx 25m at good levels, 4 subs generate a generous amount of bass if arranged optimally. By using 15″ subs we believe we get a more punchy sound than with 18″ drivers.


4 x Martin Audio LE100 Plus separate Drum Monitor and up to 4 wired headphone belt-packs

Specifications LE100

  • Coaxial, 2 way Passive design
  • Power: 300w AES
  • Freq. Response: 78Hz—20kHz (+/- 3dB)
  • Specification PRX612M
  • 2 way active design
  • Power: 1000w RMS
  • Freq Response: 60Hz—17.5kHz

PRX 612M and EV ZXA Sub create a 1.7Kw powerful speaker system for use as a drum monitor.

Digital Mixer – Soundcraft SI Performer 2


  • 24 mic and 8 line inputs (expandable)
  • Ipad controllable (wifi router supplied)
  • 40 bit floating point DSP (market leading)
  • Gain/pan control above each fader
  • 14 aux sends
  • 4 Lexicon FX buses
  • Madi USB for multi track recording
  • GEQ on every bus
  • Full colour, touch screen


Mic Selection – Please call with your specific requirements if you don’t see what you need here.

  • Sennheiser E945/E935
  • Neuman KMS105
  • Drum set /percussion mics eg. D112, MK012 , C451, E604
  • Instrument Mics eg. MD421, E906, SM57, MK012,
  • DI Boxes eg. Radial Pro48, Pro D2, Piezo

Actual selection can be adjust to your requirements.  (Excludes wireless and some very expensive models such as large diaphragm condenser mics/ribbon mics and Dpa)




Get a versatile, high quality, fully featured system for a more complex event such as a music festival.

High quality sound that captures the energy on stage.

Stage monitors provided that are professional quality.

Highly experienced sound engineer that is committed to the success of your event.

High quality digital mixing systems that allow us to fine tune the experience for the audience and performers.


*Capacity estimates are based on pre-social distancing.

Sound Engineer and Options

This system requires 3m ceiling height as a minimum to be used effectively.

Sound Engineer provided from 11am to 11pm

We will set up the equipment and provide a sound engineer throughout the day.

Set Up Time: 2 hours

System Price £600.00**



More Audio Power – Add “Fill” speakers to cover wide stages. Delay speakers for larger rooms.

More Monitors – Additional monitors including in-ear options that can be controlled by the artists are available.

Backline hire – Click Here to hire amps for guitars, bass or keyboard, a drum kit or even music stands.

AKG Tetrad Wireless Mics – from £35.00

Lighting –  View our packages or get 25% off any individual lighting

It is recommended for quick turn around from one band to the next that a second technician is available (not included).


A large power supply is needed for this and we recommend you provide a 32 amp feed.

Please note that we strongly recommended clients provide an 500w Uninterupted Power Supply (UPS) for the mixing desk as there have been instances in the past where the power supply was unstable, leading to us using less well featured back up equipment.  Sufficient details about performers’ technical requirements and the programme should be provided prior to confirmation to avoid disappointment.  There should be a suitable stage barrier, suitable covered area for mixer, provision of power as requested by us, sufficient staffing to manage performers and attendees.

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