Festival Package

Livestock 2016


Experienced sound engineer for a 12-hour day with a substantial set of microphones, a digital mixer and a set of 6 monitor speakers.

Image from Livestock 2016 on Forty Hall Farm. JBL VRX system courtesy of Sound Technology

Get a versatile, high quality, fully featured system for a more complex event such as a music festival.

We will recommend a front of house sound system tailored to your specific needs from an external vendor if necessary.


This allows us to shop around for the best value system for your specific event using equipment such as JBL’s VRX, Martin Audio’s MLA to cover your specific audience area.

6 x monitors are provided with this system

This gives you the versatility to work with larger bands on larger stages

You will be provided with a digital mixing desk such as the Soundcraft SI Impact.

  • 32 Inputs – Full channel Processing, including Variable HPF, Phase Invert, Parametric EQ, Compressor, Gate, Delay, and 4 Lexicon FX buses
  • 16 Outputs – Output Processing, including Graphic EQ, Compressor and Delay
  • 8 Mute Groups
  • 8 VCA Groups
  • 14 configurable mixes
  • Matrix Mixer
  • Show snapshots etc.

8 piece drum kit mics set (D112, C451, E604 etc.),

12 Vocal Mics,

6 x Various Instrument Mics,

8 x Radial DI channels


Sound Engineer provided from 10am to 11pm

We will set up the equipment and provide a sound engineer throughout the day.

It is recommended for quick turn around from one band to the next that a second technician is available (not included).



Please note that we strongly recommended clients provide an Uninterupted Power Supply for the mixing desk as poor electrics are not suited to sensitive electronic equipment.  Sufficient details about performers’ technical requirements and the programme should be provided prior to confirmation to avoid disappointment.  There should be a suitable stage barrier, suitable covered area for mixer, provision of power as requested by us, sufficient staffing to manage performers and attendees.