Dry Hire Live Mixers

Soundcraft and Allen and Heath are both renowned for their professional quality and reliability throughout the professional audio world.

Allen and Heath Zed10FX Mixer

A very simple to use high quality mixing desk with basic features.

4 microphone inputs, 2 Stereo line inputs, phantom power, 1 auxiliary Sends, 3 band equaliser with sweepable mids, LED metering, reverb/effects

Includes 1 microphone with cable/stand and an iPod lead to get you started (worth £8.00 if hired separately)

£20.00 per day


ZED 60 10FX Front Main

Allen Heath Zed12FX Mixer

A very simple to use high quality mixing desk with an excellent feature set. (hugely popular with our customers!)

6 microphone inputs, 3 Stereo line inputs, phantom power, 4 Auxiliary Sends, 3 band equaliser with sweepable mids, LED metering, reverb/effects

Includes 1 microphone with cable/stand, a 3.5mm stereo jack lead and 4 x XLR-Jack converters to get you started (worth £10.00 if hired separately)

£25.00* per day

Allen and Heath Mixer
Allen and Heath MixWizard 3 16:2

A great Soundcraft sound in this multi-purpose mixer with all the features you need for a medium sized event.

16 Microphone Inputs each with 3 Band EQ, High Pass Filter, Inserts, Direct Outs, TALK Mic
Stereo out B and Mono output for broadcast/record
6 Aux Sends, allowing 4 monitor mixes and 2 FX sends,
Phantom power
Inbuilt FX
Master section includes 2 Stereo Returns, LRM faders, pfl/afl on everything!
Includes ipod cable

£40.00 per day


Allen Heath WZ 162 MixWizard Mischpult


Allen and Heath GL2400

A renowned 24 channel desk which is popular with hire companies because of it’s rugged build and superb feature set.

22 Microphone inputs (2 stereo channels), each with 48v, Phase Reverse, High Pass Filter, Inserts, Direct Outs, 4 band EQ with dual sweepable mids, signal meter
6 Auxiliary Sends (pre/post switchable)
7×4 Matrix with external input allows for easy additional monitor mixes or feeds for film crews etc.
Master Section includes LRM faders, 4 groups, monitor mode, Talkback, pink noise and sine, 2 track input, excellent signal monitoring
Includes Ipod cable, two LED gooseneck lights and flightcase
PLUS 20% off all mic and outboard hire prices
£60.00 per day
AHGL240024 xl
Soundcraft SI Performer 2

A fully digital desk. Legendary design heritage from Soundcraft, Dbx, BSS and Lexicon -brands every sound engineer trusts.  Ipad controllable system.

The SI Performer includes multipurpose rotary controller on each channel for ease of gain/pan adjustment (or user selected parameter).  Layout is easy to learn.

32 Inputs, (24 mic channels) each with:
Phase invert, Variable HPF, Parametric EQ, Compressor, Gate, Delay and 4 Lexicon Effects Buses
16 Outputs, each with:
Delay Graphic EQ, Compressor and Gate on each Output
Motorised Faders, 8 VCA groups, 8 mute groups, Matrix buses, compatible with digital stage boxes, Snap shots, copy/paste etc.  Plus lots of features that ease your work flow.
Compatible with all Soundcraft digital stage boxes.


Compatible with Android/Ipad monitor mix apps if Wifi router is connected.

Warning: This is a complex piece of equipment intended for experience sound engineers, it also requires a clean, earthed mains supply 50hz 230V It consumes 130 watts

£130.00 per day

si impact




Prices and Delivery

All hire prices exclude delivery and collection and are based on a 24-hour hire period. There is a minimum £100.00 fee for Friday or Saturday delivery. No minimum for collection.

  • Free Collection in person
  • £25.00 Local Delivery
  • £35.00 within 1 hour journey time
  • Longer distance, please call

Collection is charged at the same rate as delivery on all dry hire packages. Therefore if we are delivering and collecting the equipment you are charged one of the above fees twice.

You must accept our Terms and Conditions if you plan to dry hire from us.

Full payment and the agreed deposit must be paid up front.

ID and proof of address required.

You must be over 18 to enter into a hire agreement.

You are responsible for ensuring the equipment you hire is fit for the purpose you intend to use it. We will only deliver what is agreed subject to Terms and Conditions.

We expect to be able to park near the venue for ease of loading and if this is not possible you may find there are delays setting up. In certain circumstances we may charge for parking, congestion charges and/or Penalty Charge Notices, please do what you can to help us avoid such fees.