Soundcraft SI Performer 2 – Digital


A fully digital desk. Legendary design heritage from Soundcraft, Dbx, BSS and Lexicon -brands every sound engineer trusts.  A remotely controllable system via Ipad (not supplied).

The SI Performer includes multipurpose rotary controller on each channel for ease of gain/pan adjustment (or user selected parameter) which is not found on many other compact digital mixers.

Layout is easy to learn.

  • 32 Inputs, (24 mic channels) each with:
  • Phase invert, Variable HPF, Parametric EQ, Compressor, Gate, Delay and 4 Lexicon Effects Buses
  • 16 Outputs, each with:
  • Delay Graphic EQ, Compressor and Gate on each Output
Additional Features:
  • Motorised Faders, 8 VCA groups, 8 mute groups, Matrix buses, compatible with digital stage boxes, Snap shots, copy/paste etc.
  • Supplied with USB MADI card for recording multiple tracks to a computer
  • Can control DMX lighting systems

Compatible with Android/Ipad monitor mix apps if Wifi router (supplied) is connected.

Warning: This is a complex piece of equipment intended for experience sound engineers, it also requires a clean mains supply 50hz 230V It consumes 130 watts

£130.00 per day

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