Wireless Handheld Microphone AKG Tetrad


AKG Tetrad is a 2.4GHz (wifi) wireless microphone system.  Each receiver can support up to 4 transmitters.  The audio quality is very high, and there is no need for a licence.  The following options are available:

  • AKG D5 Handheld transmitter (a good quality basic microphone ideal for speeches)
  • AKG Instrument Belt-pack (go wireless with any electric guitar or bass!)
  • Lavalier Ideal for recording presentations and conference applications
  • Headworn Microphone (Ideal for hands free  presenters when a lavalier won’t be possible, such as theatre)

Complete Music and Sound supply wireless equipment with Eneloop Pro Batteries to ensure maximum performance, and are an eco friendly alternative to alkaline batteries.


For high quality music performances we recommend a digital UHF system is hired from a third party such as Shure Axient, with a KSM handheld transmitter. We can provide expert advice on wireless equipment.

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