Allen and Heath GL2400 – Analogue


The Allen and Heath GL2400 is a renowned 24 channel desk which is popular with rental companies because of it’s rugged build and superb feature set.

  • 22 Microphone inputs (2 stereo channels) each with… 48v, Phase Reverse, High Pass Filter, Inserts, Direct Outs, 4 band EQ with dual swept mids, signal meter
  • 6 Auxiliary Sends (pre/post switchable)
  • 7×4 Matrix with external input allows for easy additional monitor mixes or feeds for film crews etc.
  • Master Section includes LRM faders, 4 groups, monitor mode, Talkback, pink noise and sine, 2 track input, excellent signal monitoring in any light
  • Includes Ipod cable, two LED gooseneck lights and flightcase
PLUS 20% off all mic and outboard hire prices
It is recommended that you hire 2 dual channel Graphic EQ, and an effects processor with this mixer.
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