Repairs and Maintenance

No-fuss Audio Repair Service

There are many things that can go wrong with PA equipment, when you are used to trouble shooting you can get to the root of the problem and get repairs completed swiftly.  We are here to help when things go wrong.  It is usually best that you speak to us on the phone to discuss your problems/requirements.  Return trips or extended call outs quoted separately.

*£60.00 Call out fee including 1st hour of labour

*Maybe more for late night call out

Special offer to schools

Send us a list of all your broken equipment including a description of faults if known and we will quote you a price to fix as much of it as we can in one go.  Re-string guitars, replace tuning pegs, drum skins, repair cables/jack sockets, guitar electrics etc.  Indeed almost any job relating to equipment in your music department.

Please note there may be faults which we can’t repair or require specific parts for, we will give you an estimate to complete these repairs.

£120.00 call out with 4 hours labour included.