Sound Recording

We offer two sound recording services here but bespoke packages can also be offered.  We don’t operate a studio, so you will need a location for your recording.  Why not hire us to record your gig, and get a unique live recording.

Two track live recording

Record the main output of our mixing desk onto an SD card recorder typically as 320kbps MP3 file or your own device.

This is only suitable for basic non-professional uses.  We can do a rudimentary trim of the recording then we add some EQ and compression before handing to the customer via Wetransfer or Google Drive

£20.00 in addition to the fully engineered audio package


Multi Track Recording of live music event

Each input on the desk is recorded separately from our digital mixing desk.  We record to full quality WAV

We can provide this package to anyone but it is only available at this price as part of a fully engineered package.

We can recommend people to mix your tracks if you require that or you can do the mix yourself.

£100.00 for unmixed stems in addition to the fully engineered package


On Location Recording Session

We can take a recording using high quality equipment at a location of your choice.  Massive choice of equipment including high quality DAV preamps and huge range of microphones.  Work we have done varies from house of worship events, classical instrumental, and of course, various bands.  We will carefully advise on the recording process and ensure that we provide you with the right equipment for the job.

Prices Vary


We have also done location recording for Four Femmes on the Thames