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There is lots to consider in audio which is why we direct many customers to CMS PA Hire packages.   These include experienced, and much praised sound engineers.  However, we would like to help you understand various considerations that might help you run better events, make cost effective purchases and have better performances. This is the purpose of our Pro Audio Blog.  If you would like to ask any questions about sound engineering, live music events, audio equipment or installation please use the contact us page to send us an email, and we will try to help you with your problem.

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CMS PA Hire in London aim to blog on a fortnightly basis on all things events, sound engineering, pro audio, equipment hire and London!

06Jan 2019

A 12” 2 way speaker (the most commonly sold type of box for PA use) can vary in price from £40 through to £2500 and there are lots of engineers that feel very strongly about different brands being better than the next but I simply want to ask “What do you have to pay for […]

30Aug 2018

 The new Martin Audio LE100   Since we started 10 years ago, all our fully engineered PA packages include monitor speakers (also known as foldback). The reason why is simple, if a musician can not hear themselves they are never going to perform with all the nuance and expression that they are capable of, in […]

CMS PA Hire has been operating out of central London for 10 years and has been specialising in bringing high end "touring quality" sound to small and medium sized music events.  The Blog is a new feature of the website and content will be added on a fortnightly basis.  Each post will be aimed at providing a personal perspective of real life questions that will help lead to better quality events and consumer choices.  

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