Dry Hire Microphones and DI Boxes

The following microphones and DI boxes are supplied with an XLR cable. Microphone stands can be provided for £2.00 each.  (We also stock Audix D-vice)

Dry Hire Terms and Conditions 2016

Microphones (prices given are per day)
AKG D112 (kick drum mic) Cardoid


akg d112 Microphone
AKG D7 (Popular choice with top live sound engineers) Supercardoid (must be ordered in advance)


AKG D5 Microphone
AKG C519 M (Designed to clip on the bell of most Brass instruments)


akg c519m Microphone
AKG C451(The small diaphragm of choice for professionals) Cardoid, 3 position pad and bass roll off


akg c451 condenser microphone
Audio Technika ATM610 (vocals where feedback is problematic) Hypercardoid


ATM610 Microphone
Neumann KMS105 (Probably the highest regarded handheld mic in the world)

Note of caution.  Beware using with loud drummers.


Neumann KMS 105 1 Microphone
Sennheiser E604 (rack toms or snare with rim clip) Cardoid


e604 Microphone
Sennheiser E945 (A superb vocal microphone with rich lows, exceptional presence and detail) Supercardoid


E945 A250 Microphone
Sennheiser E935 (A superb vocal microphone with rich lows, exceptional presence and detail) Cardoid


Sennheiser MD421 (A very versatile large diaphragm dynamic for brass, toms, almost anything!) Cardoid


MD421 Microphone
Shure SM58 (industry standard vocal mic) Cardioid


sm58 Microphone
Shure SM57 (industry standard instrument mic) Cardoid


sm57 Microphone














































DI and Line Drivers

Radial PZ DI  The only active DI box with switchable impedance making it suitable for anything including ultra high impedance piezzo pickups making them sound far more natural on classical instruments.


Radial ProD2 (Stereo DI box) Can be used for two mono inputs.  Ideal for any keyboards or powered equipment including active guitars/basses


Pro D2
Radial Line Driver

(Variable gain stereo line driver ideal for keyboards and consumer equipment going in to line inputs)



Looking for wireless or specialist microphones?  Contact us for other microphone options from our Mic Locker or we can sub hire the exact product you need.

Below is our AKG Tetrad Wireless System with premium D5 handheld microphone available at £35.00 per day

Add additional handsets or a belt pack/lavalier/headworn for £15.00


Prices and Delivery

All hire prices exclude delivery and collection and are based on a 24-hour hire period.  There is a minimum £100.00 fee for Friday or Saturday delivery.  No minimum for collection.

  • Free Collection in person
  • £25.00 Local Delivery
  • £35.00 within 1 hour journey time
  • Longer distance please call

Collection is charged at the same rate as delivery on all dry hire packages.  Therefore if we are delivering and collecting the equipment you are charged one of the above fees twice.

You must accept our Terms and Conditions if you plan to dry hire from us.

Full payment and the agreed deposit must be paid up front. 

ID and proof of address required. 

You must be over 18 to enter into a hire agreement.

You are responsible for ensuring the equipment you hire is fit for the purpose you intend to use it.  We will only deliver what is agreed subject to Terms and Conditions.

We expect to be able to park near the venue for ease of loading and have wheeled access.  If this is not possible you may find there are delays setting up.  In certain circumstances we may charge for parking, congestion charges and/or Penalty Charge Notices, please do what you can to help us avoid such fees.